Borosilicate Glass

Experienced users of 3D printers including the UP! and Afinia styles find that they all prefer printing models without a raft.  Also, a smooth and flat build platform is a prerequisite for printing models with any degree of quality and consistency.

Borosilicate glass is far superior to plain "window pane" glass:
- It can withstand much higher temperature than plain glass. Typically used for laboratory glass beakers and test tubes.
- It's melting temperature is about 800 degrees C.
- It has a very low thermal expansion coefficient. That means it will expand very little when heated.
- It is far superior in terms of resistance to thermal shock compared to regular glass. Think Pyrex.
- Has an extremely flat surface.
- Easily used instead of the perforated board on UP! and Afinia 3D printers.
- Apply Blue Painters tape or Kapton tape over  the top surface. (available separately)
- Help to reduce curling and warping. It is very important that the platform is properly leveled.
- 5.5” x 5.5” x 0.05” (139.7mm x 139.7mm x 2mm)
- The edges have been smoothed and ground for easy  handling and safe use.

Our Borosilicate glass plates are specially made to be used as premium print platforms on UP! and Afinia 3D Printers.


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